Strictly Prohibited

Not Acceptable: There are certain things which are not considered appropriate or acceptable:

  •  Jeans, trainers and boots should never be worn as part of the school uniform.
  • Jewellery is not appropriate in school, especially ear-rings, necklaces and rings.
  • Boys must not wear ear studs or ear-rings in school.
  • Odd or unusual, severe,  decorative or fashionable  hairstyles/haircuts are not permitted.
  • Mobile phones and electronic games/equipment are not allowed in school. Children who fail to comply with such requirements and standards may be expelled from school.  It is, therefore, very important that all parents ensure that children conform to the school’s standards and expectations.

Please note

  • Our school is a safe and secure environment with adequate means of communication and contact. There is no need for parents to supply pupils with phones for emergency use.All
  • messages and communications must be directed through the school office.
  • Sickness – if a  pupil feels unwell, they must  report to the school office. PTI  will contact home. Pupils must not make direct contact with home. If it happens, we would ask If the parents inform the school office. If a pupil needs medication, it must be kept in the school office.

Uniform List

We have designed a smart and comfortable uniform for all students. Our uniform supplier is NICE STATIONERS at the Seni Gumbat Kohat (Intellectuals Community). The focus is on providing the highest quality possible at affordable prices. Download the Uniform List for 2016/17 and the Uniform Price List .In order to maintain and improve the quality of school dress, parents are requested to help the School to make sure all students are properly  attired when coming to school. We will be taking a strict approach to uniforms throughout the academic year. All items of school uniform must be clearly labeled with your child’s name.


Purpose Built Campus

All purpose-built campuses provide the essential academic and recreational facilities.


Practical classrooms are available for art, science, Computertechnologyand Islamic lessons.


Fully equipped  science laboratories with the most modern scientific equipment to facilitate practical work necessary for senior public examinations.


In many remote villages, extreme poverty means that most children have never owned a storybook.  The Intellectuals is working to turn this tide by integrating modern libraries into its schools.

Our well stocked library supports the curriculum and the reading programmes in our schools while encouraging students to carry out research at home. A qualified  librarian is looking after the School Library and an attendant assists him. The library is quite spacious, wall-to-wall carpeted and properly ventilated. A library with reading room facility is available for students who wish to study in their spare time or after the class.  It houses more than 2,000 books on various subjects. Daily newspapers in English and Urdu; local and foreign magazines and periodicals are also subscribed. These reading materials help the students in developing their study habits.


Art is the medium of instruction at our primary level and is also thoroughly enjoyed by students at the middle   school level.

Medical Facilities

We have arranged a dispenser part time in addition to general treatment, the students are inoculated against Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus and Hepatitis-B.  As and when required the boys are referred to specialists according to their demands and the expenses incurred are borne by the parents.


As illness spreads from  child to child with alarming speed and also has  a critical effect on learning process, so please,  do not send your to school if he/she has  a fever, nausea, or any other symptoms of illness indicating that he/she has  a viral disease. If your child becomes ill ool, the school will immediately try to contact you to take him/her home. In case your child is in serious condition, we will take him to the rgency & will  contact you immediately.  Update the school about the  latest medical condition of your child as well  as your emergency contact number. The children should have hair dressed regularly, their nails should be trimmed and a neat and clean school uniform  is required when they come to school.


In case your child is hurt in an accident at school, the staff will take necessary care i.e, first aid, INTELLECTUALS maintain an accident book where  the details  of an accident  are recorded. This book has to  be signed by the parent/guardian.  In case the wound requires immediate attention from a doctor, the staff will inform the parent/guardian accordingly.

School Transport

In order to meet the demand of the staff and students the School  is in possession of a vans, which are readily available for routine and emergency use, thus ensuring maximum transport facilities. Presently pick and drop facility is provided to teaching staff Male/Female coming from city area. Moreover students are also availing this facility from rural areas.


Keeping in view the security situation  of our province, security guards well equipped  have been appointed. CCTV have been installed. A trench for guard and barbed wire for fence has also been arranged.