Mission and Vesion

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a high performing, exemplary district which is future  oriented and responsive to change with the needs of its students.

The district we envision values:

High expectations: All people are challenged to acquire knowledge and academic skills, and to achieve their highest potential.

Diversity: Varied beliefs and viewpoints strengthen a school district. Respect for differences contributes to better school district for all.

Individual  Potential: Culture and climate will be structured to nurture the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of all individuals.

Life-Long Learning: Education is a process  that begins at birth and continues throughout life. It fosters curiosity, motivation, and the desire to learn.

Productive Effort: Hard work, perseverance, and commitment are required in the pursuit of greater knowledge and more powerful thinking.

Shared Responsibility: Partnerships between parents, staff, and community members are characterized by mutual commitment and collaboration.

Ethical  Behavior: The highest standards of personal behavior, including trust, honesty, fairness, integrity, and mutual respect, distinguish one's actions.


Our mission is  to develop a community of learners who  are intellectually curious, resourceful, and respectful of self and others. Academic achievement, through constantly improving standards is the district's highest priority.

  • Each child is important
  • All children can be successful learners and reach their full academic potential
  • Children learn by example
  • Learning occurs primarily through faculty and student interaction
  • Curriculum that relates to students' lives and goals increases motivation
  • Children learn best when community, schools, families, and students work together as a supportive and respectful group
  • Schools must be safe places where risk taking, failure, and successes are all important parts of the learning process
  • Today's education is to shape and prepare learners for tomorrow's world
  • All people deserve to learn in an environment free of emotional, mental, and physical harm
  • It is essential to recognize the importance of cooperation as well as competition in our complex, interdependent world
  • Problem solving, critical thinking, and adaptability are essential to survival in our changing world
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • Acceptance of individuality is possible with understanding and mutual respect