Houses Details

Intellectuals School and College is entirely a Professional Institution accomplishing the needs of students  coming from different parts of the area. The students are catagorized in Two  houses  named after a minor age MCP “Microsoft Certified Professional” girl of 9, named  as “Ar/a Karim House” (Girls Section) and “ldrees House” (Boys Section).  Every House is under the charge of a  Housemaster / Headmistress who acts like a  parent to the boys/girls and helps them to solve their educational,  social and personal problems. Both the houses have to provide opportunities  to participate and to play indoor games during their free time and even on  holidays.

The senior boys/girls in the houses are given various appointments to help the students in managing the House affairs.

Each house has a senior prefect and three other prefects who assist him/her in their job. They are selected out of the best lot taking into account their academic performance, discipline and conduct.  In this way, a sense of responsibility is inculcated and qualities of leadership are developed in them. All irregularities, negligence of work and breach of discipline are brought to the notice of the Principal by the PTI for necessary action, over and above the punishment awarded by the PTI (Physical Training Instructor).


PTI (Physical Training Instructor) conducts assemblies  in both the houses prior to ensure the  presence of the students and checks their dress and general cleanliness. The Principal also conducts the assembly. As per routine each class of all the houses in turn takes charge of the activities to be carried out in the assembly. 

The morning School  assembly is held by respective classes every day in school ground, under the command of the PTI. Students of the respective classes recite verses of the Holy Quran, Na’at and present the School Code of Honour. 

In order to infuse confidence into  students, General knowledge, quiz are asked to sharpen the students vocabulary. In every house, a speech   on every special day like labour’s day, mother’s day, teacher’s day International day against corruption etc. are arranged.

 Religious teacher gives lecture on Islamic points to students daily. One student of the class  presents a speech of his own choice in the School Assembly. 

The Principal addresses the assembly to stress upon hard work, the best possible use of time and energies, discipline and character building and the School assembly comes to an end with the National Anthem.


  • Uniform must be clean and neatly pressed.
  • Black shoes must be cleaned regularly.
  • Girls  may not  wear jewellery,  including rings,  chains, bracelets and  glass bangles. Parents are advised to restrict  gold earrings to small studs. The use of multi-coloured ribbons, hair bands and clips are prohibited.
  • Boys may not come to school with long hair or untidy haircuts.

The following breaches of discipline are strictly forbidden during school hours or on school property at anytime and offenders are liable to suspension;

  • Bringing pets, record players, tape recorders, radios, video games, cards ,mobile
  • IPAD’s Tablet’s to school, lending or borrowing  money
  • Keeping or carrying unauthorized medicines. Betting, gambling and lotteries or other games of chance
  • Breaking bounds during school hours.  Failure to attend classes or to participate in
  • activities of the school without proper cause
  • Insubordination or failure to obey instructions

The following are strictly forbidden  and offenders may be expelled from the school. The Principal or Head of School shall be the final judge.

  •  Using unfair means in examinations and tests
  • Stealing
  • Indulgence in immoral acts
  • Rudeness to staff, including verbal abuse or physical assault
  • Continually indulging in activities, which may cause disaffection or discontentment amongst others
  • Keeping or carrying firearms, Knives or weapons of any sort
  • Smoking or using drugs or intoxicants
  • Expressing disrespect by word or deed for the school, its property and its rules
  • Distributing undesirable printed material/books/magazines
  • Consistently poor academic performance
  • Refusal to pay school fees/dues
  • Endangering the safety of others