Principal  Message


At The School Of Intellectuals we believe that homework  is a valuable element of the teaching and learning process. This document is a statement of our aim in the giving of homework  on a regular basis. It should be read in the context of our teaching and learning policy.

It was developed during the Autumn Term 1999 through a process  of consultation with staff, parents and children and reviewed in March 2010 and March 2012.

It was approved by the governing body at their Annual meeting in the Spring Term 2012. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all staff.


Teaching and learning is the purpose of our school. Homework is considered a valuable mean of developing links-between home and school. We believe in working together in partnership with parents to ensure a good education for all children.

It is for this reason that we believe it is important that children begin to bring ‘work’ home from an early age.


The School Of Intellectuals aim to:

Encourage children to work at home on a regular basis

Ensure that all children read at home or share a book with their parents

Encourage children to learn their spellings and multiplication tables

Develop research skills and independent learning in order to prepare children for life and secondary school and life long learning                                     

Give further practice in basic skills (e.g. handwriting) which is set at the discretion of class teachers after negotaition with parents


Our approach to ‘homework’ varies throughout the school according to the age and ability of the child.

We believe that homework will be of most benefit if it is given parental support and encouragment.

We are sensitive to the fact that there are times when homework is not appropriate because of fimily circumstances

Strategies  for Ensuring  Continuity and  Progression

As our approach to homework  varies throughout the school. We seek to increase the amount and variety as the child moves from key stage 1 to key stage 2 (Nursery & Prep).  All children have some homework weekly, based on their reading Programme. There may be a supplementary task.

The following list gives the  kind of activities which children  may expect to take home in Nursery:
  • A reading book to share
  • A book review
  • A reading task to practice skills
  • A poem to learn
  • Multiplication tables to learn
  • Simple  research tasks
  • Anumeracy investigation
  • A mathematical  challenge
  • In  addition,  Nursery children  may well take Home the following activities
  • Alist of spellings (look say write cover check)
  • Key word games e.g.  board games, cards, matching etc
  •  Alist of words  related to phonics  (word families)
  •  Simple  mathematical tasks
  • A reading task to develop higher order skills
  • A piece of class work to complete
  • Multiplication tables to learn
  •  Research topic to develop information  retrieval skills
  • If parents  have any queries about  homework, they are encouraged to see their child’s teacher.


If children  are off school  because they are sick then we do not send work home unless there are specific circumstances where we believe the child  is well enough to work. This can be discussed with the head teacher (eg broken leg).

Sometimes  parents request to take holidays  in school time and may ask for their children to be given homework  for that period. This is not normally possible, although  advice will  be given.


The effectiveness of this policy will be reviewed and discussed at a  staff meeting in the Spring Term 2015.Any consequent revisions to the policy will  be presented to the governing body for discussion at their terminal meeting in the Summer Term 2015.

Note: Home work  diary is issued   to all students. It is  a link between parents, students and staff,  Parents are advised to see the diary of his/her  son/ daughter on daily basis.