Principal  Message


Unfortunately, we belong to a very backward area. The inhabitants of this area are deprived of their fundamental right, i.e. education. There does not exist any standard educational institute to count on. Few years ago a young boy, Mr. Ejaz, established  a school dubbed  INTELLECTUALS school   in this area at his own initiative. The people of the area misconstrue it for as others.  But Mr Ejaz proved that this school is not like the schools whose  aim is to do business.  Mr.  Ejaz is an industrious and experienced educator  now.

The first batch of Intellectuals showed an impressive and splendid result. It was gratifying to see  such  an  excellent  result.  Enhance  forth,  Intellectuals  is  improving  its  grade.  Most  of our students easily attained A and A+ grade and that is a great honor for us and for the inhabitants of the area. We are proud of our Intellectuals.

The performance  of our intellectuals  caught the attention  of the people.  This is why,  the strength  of our intellectuals  is soaring day by day.  In short,  I   will suggest, this is the only institute you can trust in. This is one of the best schools at district and area level.

The school has been participating enthusiastically in co-curricular  activities arranged under the auspices  PSMA (Private School  Management Association)  Hum Jawan,  and Jawan Hai  Pakistan.  Enhance forth,  the Intellectuals  stood first at district level in many events.  Details can be seen inside.

This is a great honor for us.  It has catapulted its position to top of district school list. It is not easy for the students belonging to countryside to get first position at district level.   If someone wants to know why Intellectuals stand first, I   would like to confide it and that is, we know the art of refinement and enhancement. As far as talent is concerned, there is no lack of it. We only provide skilled staff. I  would like to convey a message to students and parents.

For boys :   According  to Quaid-e-Azam, “You must devote yourselves  whole  heartedly to your studies, for it is your first obligation to yourself, to your parents and to your state. Be like a sponge and soak up all the knowledge you can at school”. There is no magic formula for passing the exam. Hard work is the fundamental key to success.

Parents should be aware of some mean and haughty people who spread  propaganda. We do not believe in spreading propaganda. We trust in Allah.  Bring your kids here and admit them in this unique institution.  Not only we teach them curriculum but also build their character. We will teach them how to maintain discipline.  It is our foremost duty to teach them to have sublime faith in Allah. They will learn  how to deliver speech in a great throng at district. We promise we will cling your kids and will not let them do anything wrong. We will steer them away from evil.

Trust in this school, we will not disappoint you.

CEO Message

A warm welcome  to “The School of Intellectuals”.  I live in a swirling sea of expectations and demands.  But I have dreams, dreams for the children of my  school, to flourish in a threat-free environment, conducive for growth. So that the creative talents and skills of each person are maximized.

I want each child who  enters the school to keep the fire for  the quest of knowledge burning inside him/her, to develop  not only academically and socially but also emotionally and spiritually.  If you ask me why I established ISC, my only answer will be, “to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of our students in particular and in the society in general”.

Here I   would also like to mention that I   feel proud on our rigorous academic regime, my students have always achieved distinctions, they secured 80-90% in board exams, almost 80% students achieved A+ or A grade. Moreover my ex-students have achieved a marvellous achievement in their professional lives.   Let me mention that I believe in “Concept-Based Learning” and I am thankful to my teachers who help me out in promoting and practicing this concept especially to Sir Nadir, Mr.Hafizullah, Mr.Sarfaraz, Mr. Shafqat, Mr.Tariq, Mr. Mohsin, Mr.Sami, Mr.Rifaqat,  Mr. Shahid Mehmood, Sir Muqarab, and last but not the least Sir Masood who work with their devotion and also assist junior teachers as well.

Currently what sets us apart from the rest is the fact that our school offers Arabic and English as language course inclusive, and Nazra as additional content. Special emphasis is given on character building through Hadith. Once a child completed his/her studies from Intellectuals, we make sure that the child need not go to a 3rd person to ask about how one must conduct his/her life, they will be self• reliant and will know exactly how to lead their everyday life in accordance with the teachings of Allah and the Prophet (PBUH).

I hope and pray that with the help of God almighty, we will achieve the goals targeted for future with the help of parents and well-wishers.